Epocrates Editorial Policy

About this Policy
Epocrates is dedicated to publishing accurate, authoritative content of clinical significance through our websites - including epocrates.com - and our mobile applications (collectively, the "Services"). Our content development and publishing processes are designed to ensure that editorial accuracy, objectivity, independence and integrity are upheld at all times. This Editorial Policy explains how our Medical Information Staff of in-house and commissioned writers, physicians and other healthcare professionals selects and/or develops content for distribution through our Services ("Epocrates Content"). It also describes how we distinguish between Epocrates Content and content provided by a third-party sponsor for distribution through our Services ("Sponsored Content"). Epocrates strives to create transparency for our members regarding content types and sources.

Editorial Policies
Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure that our Medical Information Staff operates independently of outside influence, in order to bring content of the highest caliber and integrity to our members.

Our Medical Information Staff creates or curates - independent from any outside influence - content that is accurate, current, unbiased, relevant, and essential to the needs of our members at the point of care. Epocrates Content may include third-party or licensed content chosen by Epocrates for publication. Additionally, some Epocrates Content is independently developed or selected by Epocrates for use in the Services, yet is funded by an external entity such as a professional association, pharmaceutical company or other outside organization. The same standardized editorial review process is applied for all Epocrates Content, regardless of any associated funding support.

Our Medical Information Staff is expected to meet the highest professional and ethical standards applicable to their roles and responsibilities in providing the Services. They make determinations about content, workflow and publication solely based on their professional experience, clinical judgment and feedback from our members. Our Medical Information Staff is required to disclose financial and other interests to allow us to evaluate potential conflicts of interest that would prevent us from providing content that is unbiased. In the event that a potential conflict of interest arises, appropriate steps are taken to reassign workflow to mitigate potential conflict. External entities, including Epocrates clients, have no control over Epocrates Content development or publication.

Sources of Epocrates Content
Epocrates Content is created or curated by our Medical Information Staff. Sources for Epocrates Content include, but are not limited to, in-house generated drug information and proprietary content developed for our Infectious Disease Treatment Selector. In addition, we publish content from government agencies such as the FDA, CDC, and AHRQ, and also from professional medical organizations with whom we contract. Epocrates reviews the content provided through the Services on a regular basis to ensure that we continue to provide content that is accurate, current, unbiased, relevant and essential to our members at the point of care. Content provided through our Services is updated as necessary.

Sponsored Content
Some content offered through our Services is provided by external sponsors. Epocrates does not control the development of this content, and the Epocrates Content editorial review process is not applied. While members of the Epocrates Medical Information Staff may consult on structure, concepts, and guidelines related to Sponsored Content, they are not engaged in the creation or curation of Sponsored Content. For more information on how to identify Sponsored Content within our Services and the standards for Sponsored Content to be provided through our Services, please see the Epocrates Third-Party Sponsorship Policy. We have designed the Services to clearly differentiate between Epocrates Content and Sponsored Content for reader transparency.

Third-party logos and links to third-party websites may be included in the Services. Such inclusion is not intended to be an approval or recommendation by Epocrates. Please note that visiting any third-party website included in our Services that sets forth separate terms and conditions will be subject to those additional terms and conditions associated with such third-party website.

Editorial Policy Changes
This Editorial Policy is subject to change at any time, at Epocrates' sole discretion. If we make any changes to this Editorial Policy, we will change the "Last Updated" date below.

Last Updated: March 3, 2014