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July 2014 - Tips & Tricks
Tip #1: How do I find information about generic drugs in Epocrates?
The Epocrates drug database lists both brand name drugs, as well as available generic drugs. Brand drug names will begin with a capital letter, while generic names begin with a lowercase letter.

Within a drug monograph, it is easy to switch between brand and generic monographs. You can also view additional drugs with the same generic name.

1. Open Epocrates on your mobile device.

2. Tap the search box at the top of your Epocrates app and search for a monograph of either a brand or generic drug.

3. With the monograph open, tap the section at the top containing both the brand and generic names to view a list of drugs with the same generic name. Tap the generic selection to open the monograph.

4. Once you have the generic monograph open, you can easily return to the brand monograph by pressing the back arrow in the upper left corner until you reach the desired screen.

Tip #2: How do I find the available strengths of a medication?
Using the steps above to search, and move between brand and generic monographs, open either the Adult or Peds Dosing section to view the different strengths available in the Dosage Forms field.

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