The Trust Alliance Welcomes Epocrates to Market Research Alliance

LONDON, May 21, 2012

LONDON – 21st May 2012 – The Trust Alliance announced today that Epocrates, Inc. has become a member of the organization. Epocrates, developer of the leading mobile medical app, has one of the largest opted-in, verified physician market research panels in the U.S.

The Trust Alliance was created in November 2011 as a not-for-profit organization by its three founder members - All Global, M3 Inc, and Medefield. Its mission is to advance healthcare data collection standards, develop and promote best practices, and foster trust in online physician research. Epocrates joins following The Trust Alliance's decision to accept new members earlier this year.

"We support and employ the principles of The Trust Alliance and look forward to being part of this initiative to help drive better quality research in the healthcare industry," said Adam Budish, senior vice president of sales for Epocrates. "The value of research is in its quality and integrity, which is only as pure as the survey respondents. We need to create broadly accepted standards across the industry to maintain the strategic role of research in making key business and brand decisions."

Following an initial period of consolidation of procedures and standards within the Trust Alliance, it has established itself with industry-first initiatives, such as the "Universal blacklist" of potentially fraudulent or bad research respondents and standardized post-fieldwork reporting (The Quality Report).

"We welcome Epocrates as part of this important healthcare initiative and encourage others within the industry to join too," said Allan Bowditch, industry liaison. "Data collection should be considered a 'cornerstone' of market research, and our aim is to enhance the transparency and integrity of online data collection together."

About Epocrates Market Research

Epocrates, Inc. (NASDAQ: EPOC) is a leading physician platform for essential clinical content, practice tools and health industry engagement at the point of care. The Epocrates network consists of more than one million healthcare professionals who are invited to join the Epocrates Honors market research panel. Epocrates has one of the largest verified, opted-in physician panels in the nation, which is recognized for its honesty and representation. Market research clients benefit from the company's deep relationship with clinicians and its ability to generate fast, quality responses.

Epocrates is a trademark of Epocrates, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

About The Trust Alliance

The Trust Alliance is an industry alliance established to promote trust in online physician research. The Trust Alliance's mission is to advance industry standards, develop and promote best practices and foster trust in online physician research. Its four areas of focus are:

  1. Authenticity – proactively monitoring and protecting against potentially fraudulent responders.
  2. Transparency – ensuring transparency in the data collection process.
  3. Data integrity – ensuring integrity of data collected.
  4. Response quality – promoting measures to encourage physicians to provide thoughtful views and responses in support of healthcare company decisions.

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