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ARDS, incl COVID-19-related | 2021 Guideline Synthesis
Key Points
Isolate suspected COVID-19 pts at 1st contact, use droplet/contact/airborne precautions. Lung-protective ARDS tx includes lower TV, limited PP. Use standard specimen collection, as COVID pts may be co-infected w/ other respiratory viral, bacterial infections. Dexamethasone may reduce mortality.
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Peer-reviewed & based on multiple guidelines/recommendations from specialty societies/government agencies.
Epocrates Guideline Synopsis Last Update: Apr 28, 2021
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ARDS acute respiratory distress syndrome
ATS American Thoracic Society
BiPAP bi-level positive airway pressure
BL bilateral
CPAP continuous positive airway pressure
ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
ESICM European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
EUA emergency use authorization
FiO2 fraction of inspired O2
HCW health care worker
HF heart failure
HFJV high-frequency jet ventilation
HFOV high-frequency oscillatory ventilation
HFPV high-frequency percussive ventilation
HFNO high-flow nasal O2
HTN hypertension
IC intracranial
ICS Intensive Care Society
IVF IV fluids
LRT lower respiratory tract
LV left ventricular
NIH National Institutes of Health
NIV non-invasive ventilation
NL normal
NMBA neuromuscular blocking agent
OI oxygenation index
PACLICC Pediatric Acute Lung Injury Consensus Conference
Paw mean airway pressure
PaO2 partial pressure of arterial blood O2
PBW predicted body weight
PEEP positive end-expiratory pressure
PI protease inhibitors
PP plateau pressure
PT physiotherapy
RV right ventricular
SCCM Society of Critical Care Medicine
SpO2 oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry
TV tidal volume
VAP ventilator-acquired pneumonia
VILI ventilator-induced lung injury
VTE venous thromboembolism
WHO World Health Organization