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Community-acquired Pneumonia in Adults, incl COVID-19 | ATS/IDSA/ACCP/WHO Synthesis Guidance
Key Points
Isolate suspected COVID-19 pts at 1st contact, use droplet/contact/airborne precautions & test for COVID-19. Sputum Gram stain/cx is poor yield, not routine for outpts, but can guide tx de-escalation in some inpts. Co-infxn occurs; use empiric antibacterials even if flu test (+) in CAP.
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Peer reviewed & based on multiple guidelines/recommendations from specialty societies/government agencies.
Epocrates Guideline Synopsis Last Update: Jan 28, 2021
Publication Year:
AMS altered mental status
ABG arterial blood gas
abx antibiotics
BUN blood urea nitrogen
CAP community-acquired pneumonia
CKD chronic kidney disease
CRP C-reactive protein
CXR chest x-ray
DM diabetes mellitus
EUA emergency use authorization
H&P history & physical exam
ICU intensive care unit
ILI influenza-like illness
LOS length of stay
MRSA methicillin-resistant Staph aureus
NAAT nucleic acid amplification test
NSAID non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
plt platelet count
PPE personal protective equipment
PSI pneumonia severity index
RA room air
RR respiratory rate
SOB shortness of breath
T temperature
WBC white blood count