Medicare Part D Introduction

Epocrates is pleased to announce that ALL of the 2010 Medicare Part D formularies are now available for free in Epocrates mobile and online drug references.

With this powerful database you can check copay tiers, formulary alternatives and generic substitutions, prior authorization criteria, quantity limits, and step-therapy guidelines.

The 2010 Medicare Part D program brings many changes to Medicare prescription drug coverage, including:

  • 39 new plans
  • Hundreds of new names for existing plans
  • Thousands of changes to all plans, affecting coverage, premium deductibles, and co-pays
  • plan discontinuations

How Epocrates Can Help

Reduce Administrative Burden
More than 43 Million elderly and disabled beneficiaries are eligible to receive drug coverage through over 1,400 Medicare Part D plans. With Epocrates software, you can easily access all the plans in one place.

Increase Patient Satisfaction
Convenient access to Part D information helps you answer patients' questions and save them money.