February 2005 - Issue No. 44

Advocate of the Month Michael Seaver, RN, EMT-P

Advocate of the Month

First, about the picture...I've been given the nickname "Goofy" (for good reason, many will say), due in part to my collection of "you might be an ER Nurse if..." humor. So even when I'm working with my PDA, I feel that there is a little bit of the "Goofy" looking over my shoulder.

I've worked in many hospitals, large and small, urban and rural, and most anything in between. I teach the American Heart Association and Emergency Nurses Association courses as well. I've had a number of articles published about PDAs and other subjects, and I've given presentations for local, regional, national and even international nursing and EMS conferences.

My PDA is always with me, and has been an invaluable tool. Whether it is for working up proper dosing for a seizing infant, or checking the drip rate that pharmacy gave (they have been known to make mistakes), Epocrates has been there for me. When teaching ACLS or PALS courses, I keep my Epocrates reference available to help answer questions or go into additional detail about dosing regimens. It's great to be able to calculate weight-based dosages in seconds. I've also used it as a resource while talking to patients and providing patient education.

Probably what I love most about Epocrates software is the way it keeps improving - they really listen to their users' suggestions. I've been with Epocrates from the beginning and I'm planning on staying with them! It's a "must have" for your PDA. Heck, if you don't have a PDA, it's a good reason to get one!

Advocate Program
We created the Advocate Program for anyone who is interested in sharing information about Epocrates software with peers.

If you would like to become an Epocrates Advocate, please write to advocates@epocrates.com. Include your name, credentials or titles, city and state, and your sub-specialty (if applicable).

Marvellous MedTools!

Did you know that Epocrates currently offers TEN FREE Epocrates MedTools applications to anyone who uses our free or premium mobile software?

Epocrates MedTools free applications have been developed to address specific needs. Rather than including them in our core application, we let you choose the tools that are most valuable to you. Once installed, MedTools are conveniently located under the 'black bag' tab in your Epocrates application and it's easy to delete/add MedTools whenever you choose.

Device with Epocrates MedTools

All of these Epocrates MedTools applications are currently available:

Temperature Conversion Calculator (for Palm OS & Pocket PC OS)
Psychiatry Compendica
(for Palm OS)
STATCholesterol (for Palm OS)
HTN QuickRef™
(for Palm OS)
Physician Psychiatry Compendica
(for Palm OS)
GFR Calculator
(for Palm OS)
Insulin Dosing Calculator
(for Palm OS)
Dynamic IV Drip Calculator
(for Palm OS & Pocket PC OS)
National Cancer Institute Tumor Staging Application (for Palm OS)
Epocrates Essentials Tutorial
(for Palm OS)

Learn more about these free Epocrates MedTools applications.

Learn how to manage MedTools in your Epocrates application.

Clinical Updates

This month, recommendations for dosing in renal or hepatic impairment will be added to the monographs for nearly all systemically-available drugs.

The Epocrates medical editors added 15 new drugs and made 36 revisions to the Epocrates databases in January.

View update details

Important Message from the Epocrates Honors Program Team

To ensure that you continue to receive Honors market research invitations, please add honors-support@r.prod.survey.epocrates.com to your Address Book, Contact List, or Sender List. If you are not a member of our Honors panel and would like the opportunity to share your knowledge, please click here to edit your profile. In exchange for your participation, you will receive an honorarium.


Matters of the Heart

February 14th is not just Valentine's Day; it's also Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day, and National Donor Day. This month we also recognize American Heart Month, National Wear Red Day on 2/4 (for women's heart disease awareness), Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Week 2/13-19, National Women's Heart Day on 2/18 and Heart Failure Awareness Week 2/13-19.

Epocrates has many features that will help you care for your patients' heart health.

And Finally...

Best wishes and thanks to all of our customers who are volunteering or are planning to volunteer in areas affected by the Indonesian earthquake and resulting tsunami. We would like to share your experiences with others in our network, so please write to advocates@epocrates.com and tell us about your experiences.

Epocrates will be exhibiting at HIMSS 2005 in Dallas, TX, from Monday, February 14th to Thursday, February 17th. Come by booth #3251 to see our newest healthcare solutions, learn more about our group discounts and enter into our drawing to win a new mobile device. See you there!

Question of the Month

Q. I'm left-handed. How can I move the scrolling bar to the left of the screen?

A. Follow these instructions to move the scrolling bar to the left of the screen:

  1. Open the Epocrates application.
  2. Palm OS: Tap on the blue 'e' in the top left corner and tap "Options".
    Pocket PC OS: Tap on "Tools" in the lower left corner.
  3. Tap on "Preferences".
  4. Check the box next to "Left Side Scrolling".
  5. Tap on "OK".
  6. To change to right side scrolling again, navigate to "Preferences" and uncheck the box.

We encourage you to navigate to "Preferences" within each tab in the Epocrates application to see the many ways in which you can customize the application to suit you.

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