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Disease Information

Consult in-depth, peer-reviewed disease content developed in collaboration with the publishers of the British Medical Journal.

View history and exam information, including risk and diagnostic factors; test categories, include Initial Tests, Tests to Consider, and Emerging Tests; differential diagnosis with links to associated disease and condition topics; and follow-up, including monitoring, patient instructions, and complications. Evidence-based treatment options are searchable by patient group and compiled from clinical references and disease state management guidelines.

Alternative Medicines

NEW! Consult concise drug monographs for alternative medicines, including popular herbals and other supplements. Review reported uses, reported doses for various conditions, cautions, adverse reactions, a list of synonyms, and other helpful information. Check for possible interactions with up to 30 drugs at a time including brand, generic and OTC drugs.

Infectious Disease Treatment

Look up infectious diseases by name or system to view empiric and specific treatment recommendations. Simply tap to read and review complete monographs for each drug name listed.

Labs & Diagnostic Information

Get information on hundreds of lab tests and panels. Consult normal lab value ranges for various populations, view preparation and collection guidance, and check test costs and associated ICD-10s. Review differentials consisting of drugs, conditions, and other factors that may contribute to abnormal test results.

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  • Infectious Disease Treatment
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  • Formulary
  • athenaText
  • Tables

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