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Over a million clinicians use Epocrates to help deliver better patient care. Here are just a few of the reasons why.
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#1 Trusted Medical App

Nearly 1 in 2 U.S. physicians rely on Epocrates routinely to help inform their decisions in the moments of care, making it the #1 medical app available to U.S. physicians. Epocrates provides you with accurate, reliable, actionable clinical tools designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily workflow. Every day, the Epocrates Medical Information team collaborates with leading healthcare professionals nationwide to understand and deliver the clinical intelligence you need, right when you need it.

Supports Your Clinical Decisions

Over 60% of surveyed physicians have avoided or identified 1 or more adverse drug event per week using Epocrates in the past year. Epocrates provides you with the most current safety, diagnostic, and treatment information - FDA alerts, black box warnings, safety considerations, pharmacology, and more for thousands of drugs, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic guidance for over a thousand clinical conditions. Physicians have identified Epocrates drug interaction check as the number one feature influencing their prescribing. It's all instantly accessible in one intuitive app.

Saves You Valuable Time

On average, Epocrates clinicians report saving 20 minutes or more a day. Look up formulary coverage information at the moment of care to avoid pharmacy callbacks. Quickly identify a stray pill with the handy pill identifier feature. Time saved referencing drug and disease monographs, drug interactions, and even specialists' office locations for referrals means more quality time educating and communicating with your patients.

With You Anywhere
You Go

We realize you lead busy lives. Today's clinicians are on the go, and need access to vital clinical decision support wherever their work takes them. Your Epocrates clinical reference information is designed to be there for you across a wide variety of smartphones, tablets and your desktop. Premium members can access the content they purchased with one subscription on all or any of their Epocrates-supported devices.

More than a Drug Reference

Our members are connected to a vast wealth of additional resources, including medical news and clinical practice guideline updates relevant to their specialty. Navigate to select NCCN Guidelines® rapidly and intuitively. Get location-specific bacterial resistance data to support your clinical decision-making. Access dozens of medical calculators and risk scores at your fingertips. Use our Provider Directory to find, learn about, or reach out to a colleague's practice right from your phone.

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