Message in Motion

Turn heads. Change minds. Drive behavior.

Put your message in motion on the channel where prescribers make decisions.

Use video to break through a noisy digital landscape.

Message in Motion lets you inspire prescribers with eye-catching, engaging video content, right in the app clinicians already know and trust. Watch how Message in Motion works.


Reach the right HCPs with memorable and actionable content.

  • Target prescribers by list match, occupation, specialty, disease state, and more
  • Increase mindshare and enhance visual recall with immersive video content
  • Use for brand awareness, clinical and educational content, disease state awareness, and more
  • 1.3M

    active registered physicians on epocrates1

  • 69%

    of users familiar with epocrates are likely to use it the next time they need to research clinical content2

  • 40%

    more time spent on pages with video than on those without video3

Put your message in motion. And stop prescribers in their tracks.

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1 epocrates Analytics, April 2022-May 2022. “Registered physicians” are U.S.-based epocrates MD/DOs (excluding VT, CO, and U.S. territories). To be classified as “active,” user must have at least one epocrates mobile app session within the defined timeframe.

2 epocrates brand equity study, July 2021