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    Safety, diagnostic, and treatment information is always up to date. When the road forks, your map is epocrates+.

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    Clinicians report saving 20 minutes or more a day with epocrates+* — that's extra time for you and your patients.

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    epocrates+ gives you instant access to the answers you need right when you need them.

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Disease information — from the familiar to the infrequent

Consult peer-reviewed practical guidance on 1000+ disease topics including recommended tests, DDx, treatment options organized by patient type, and more — in collaboration with the BMJ.


Simple and practical infectious disease treatment

Once you've diagnosed an infectious condition, the ID Tx Selector shows you the best empiric and specific therapy treatment options by organism with just a couple of taps.


All you need to know about alternative medicines

The Herbs & Supplements tool gives you access to evidence-based guidance on their uses, adverse reactions, and interactions with other drugs or herbs and supplements.


Use Labs for understanding lab results

The Labs tool is your pocket reference to lab results. Access general test descriptions, reference ranges, and information on test prep and collection. You’ll also find handy lists of reasons for abnormal test results, with links to relevant content where available.

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