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Why can I no longer access epocrates+ as an international user?

epocrates has discontinued offering our mobile app and the ability to purchase an epocrates+ subscription to non-U.S.-based customers. You will still be able to access free epocrates content and features through epocrates online (online.epocrates.com). We apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions or concerns.

How do I view my purchase history and receive previous billing receipts?

For purchases made through us directly at epocrates.com, your billing receipts are sent to the email associated with your epocrates account.

Please note that if you have purchased your epocrates+ subscription through Apple or Google Play from within the mobile App, then your billing details are emailed by Apple or Google to the email address associated with your Apple or Google account. There should also be a purchase history available through these respective accounts where further details can be obtained.

If you have more questions or need additional help, please reach out to support through the Help and Feedback page located below, or by creating a support inquiry from within the epocrates mobile App.



How can I reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your epocrates password, please use this link to reset it.

How can I update my billing info?

If you purchased epocrates+ through the App Store or Google Play, you must update your billing information through your Apple or Google Pay account.

If you purchased epocrates+ through the epocrates website and would like to update your billing information, you will need to log in to your account and follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Payment Information link
2. Remove the payment card you currently have on file
3. Update your billing information as you re-enter the payment card info
4. To avoid interruptions in your service, you will need to re-enable the automatic renewal setting once your billing information has been updated.

What devices can support epocrates?

Here’s a list of the devices that are compatible with epocrates:

Supported Mobile Operating Systems
iOS (Apple Devices) Smartphones and Tablets: Versions 14.x and higher
Android (Excluding Kindle) Smartphones and Tablets: Most Versions 8.x and higher

Supported Computer Operating Systems
Windows 8.1, 10, or higher with the latest updates
Mac OSX 10.15 or higher with the latest updates 

Support Browsers
Chrome (Recommended) latest version
Safari with the latest updates
Microsoft Edge with the latest updates

How can I purchase epocrates+?

You can buy epocrates+ by logging in here and proceeding to check out.

You can also purchase epocrates+ on your mobile device by tapping any locked tile and making the purchase through your Apple or Google Pay account.

Where can I offer product feedback?

Your feedback on epocrates functionality and features is greatly appreciated. While changes based on feedback are not guaranteed,  all requests are submitted to the epocrates product development team for consideration.

If you have positive feedback or comments, please share them by writing a review in the Apple App Store or Google Play app store.

Does epocrates offer a student discount?

Yes! Med students with an ME number can find instructions on how to redeem their discount here.

Don’t have an ME number? Visit us here and select Customer Support to learn about current student offers.

Does epocrates offer bulk license discounts for educational institutions?

Please visit us here and select Customer Support to learn about current student offers.

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