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Does epocrates offer a student discount?

Yes! Med students with an ME number can find instructions on how to redeem their discount here. Please ensure you have also set the occupation of your account to Medical Student to trigger the offer within the epocrates mobile app.

Don’t have an ME number? Visit us here and select My Account or General Info and Student Resources to learn about current student offers.

Please ensure when reaching out that you provide the following:

  • Name and email registered with epocrates
  • Name of your school and expected graduation year
  • The type of medical program you are attending, (NP, PA, Nursing, Pharmacology etc.)
  • Your student email address - (Please note that you are NOT required to use a student email address with your epocrates account, but any details pertaining to a student discount will be sent to the student email provided for verification purposes.)


Your occupation can be updated to reflect you as a student from the profile page at epocrates.com using the link below. If you cannot find a specific listing that matches your area of study, please use "Student - Other".


What is the best way to reach support?

The best way to reach out to support is by using the Help and Feedback section within the mobile app, or the Help and Feedback section online at epocrates.com. 

Within the mobile app, Help and Feedback can be located within the account settings icon found in the upper-right corner of the home screen in the mobile app. On epocrates.com, this section can be located via the link below. You may already be on this page right now!



Please be aware that support is only available via email. We are a small, yet dedicated, support team and your inquiry is always a top priority. Typically, support inquiries are addressed within 1-2 business days, if not sooner. 


I've sent an inquiry to epocrates support, but I'm not receiving a reply.

We understand that your time is valuable and it is always our goal to answer your inquiries with as much priority as possible. Typically, support inquiries are addressed within 1-2 business days, if not sooner, whenever possible. We are a small, but dedicated team and we look forward to assisting you however we can!


If you've submitted a support case and haven't received a reply, it may be that the correspondence is being sent to your email's Spam folder. Email domains, such as Gmail, may have other sections the email could be filtered into, such as Promotions, so ensure all possible folders have been explored and that you have used your email's search feature to locate emails from epocrates.


Another potential issue is that your account email is no longer valid. Unless specified otherwise in your outreach, communication will be sent to the email address registered to your account. If this email is no longer valid, then we will have no way of replying to your inquiry. Please ensure your account email is up to date to properly receive communications from epocrates.com. Your account email can be updated from within the epocrates mobile app under the account settings icon in the upper-right corner of the apps home screen, or online at epocrates.com from your account's profile page via the link below.



How can I purchase epocrates+?

You can buy epocrates+ through us directly by logging in here and proceeding to check out.

You can also purchase epocrates+ through the epocrates mobile app on your mobile device. To do so, tap on the account settings icon in the upper-right corner of the apps home screen and then choose "epocrates Subscription Level". You can also tap on any epocrates resource that contains an "e+" symbol which indicates an epocrates+ feature. Please note that when upgrading through the mobile app, you will be purchasing through your Apple account on iOS devices, or your Google Play account on Android devices. Any correspondence regarding your subscription purchase, such as your receipt, will then be sent by either Apple or Google respectively and sent to the email address associated with that account.

What devices can support epocrates?

Here’s a list of the devices that are compatible with epocrates:

Supported Mobile Operating Systems
iOS (Apple Devices) Smartphones and Tablets: Versions 15.x and higher (We do not guarantee compatibility on iPod devices)
Android (Excluding Kindle) Smartphones and Tablets: Most Versions 8.x and higher

Supported Computer Operating Systems
Windows 8.1, 10, or higher with the latest updates
Mac OSX 10.15 or higher with the latest updates 

Support Browsers
Chrome (Recommended) latest version
Safari with the latest updates
Microsoft Edge with the latest updates

Where can I offer product feedback?

Your feedback regarding epocrates functionality and features is greatly appreciated. While changes based on feedback are not guaranteed,  all requests are submitted to the epocrates product development team for consideration.

If you have positive feedback or comments, please share them by writing a review in the Apple App Store or Google Play app store.


General feedback can be submitted to us directly via the Help and Feedback section of the epocrates mobile app, (located within the account settings icon in the upper-right corner of the apps home screen), as well as through the Help and Feedback section online at epocrates.com using the link below. The mobile app may also provide various feedback opportunities through the home page, or content search results.


How can I reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your epocrates password and are unable to log into your account, please use this link to reset it.

Please use a valid email address for your epocrates account to ensure you can receive the password reset request and other correspondence from epocrates. We suggest using an email address that will not be changing for the foreseeable future such as a personal email, as opposed to a business or student address.

If you are already able to access your account and would like to update your account email or password, options for doing so can be located from the account settings icon in the upper-right corner of the home screen of the mobile app. There will be options there for "Change Email" as well as "Change Password". Alternatively, options to change your credentials can be located online at epocrates.com from the profile page accessible via the link below, or by clicking on the circle icon in the upper-right corner of the website and choosing "Account".


How can I update my billing info?

If you purchased epocrates+ through the App Store or Google Play, you must update your billing information through your Apple or Google Pay account.

If you purchased epocrates+ through the epocrates website and would like to update your billing information, you will need to log into your account online at epocrates.com and use the "Update Payment Information" link on the Payment and Subscription page to update your billing details. This update will automatically apply to future renewals.


Does epocrates offer bulk license discounts for institutions?

We are currently in the process of building out a system to facilitate these types of requests, but we encourage you to contact support using the Help and Feedback section of the website and we will be happy to explore available options!

How do I renew early?

Currently, epocrates+ subscriptions renew automatically on an annual or monthly cycle. We do not have options for early renewal at this time.

Automatic renewal for epocrates+ subscriptions purchased through us directly online at epocrates.com can be cancelled by using the "Cancel Subscription" option on the Payment and Subscription page using the link below. Please note that cancelling a subscription will ONLY cancel the future renewal and not your current subscription access.


Can I purchase multiple years at a time?

At this time we offer annual and monthly subscription plans that renew on an automatic billing cycle, but we may implement additional options in the future.

Can I purchase access for a friend or colleague?

We do not offer gift subscription options at this time, but this is something we may implement in the future. Currently, subscriptions can only be purchased for the account that you are signed in with.

How do I view my purchase history and receive previous billing receipts?

For purchases made through us directly at epocrates.com, your billing receipts are sent to the email associated with your epocrates account. A PDF version of your receipt is also available for download from the Payment and Subscription page online at epocrates.com via the link below.


Please note that if you have purchased your epocrates+ subscription through Apple or Google Play from within the mobile app, then your billing details are emailed by Apple or Google to the email address associated with your Apple or Google account. There should also be a purchase history available through these respective accounts where further details can be obtained.


Does the mobile app require a network connection?

Much of the clinical content that the epocrates mobile app provides is downloaded and saved to the mobile device. There is some content that may be data intensive and prohibitive to saving to device memory due to the file sizes, such as pictures associated with Disease or Pill ID content. This, as well as other content, such as ICD-10, may need a direct connection to our servers in order to function properly. Basic features such as Drugs, Calculators and Interaction Check, (among others), can be used with the app running in "Offline Mode". This is especially useful when the app is being used in areas with poor to no network connectivity. To put the app into "Offline Mode", access the network settings of your mobile device and activate "Airplane Mode". This will tell the device to stop actively looking for a cellular or wi-fi network connection and will force the mobile app into "Offline Mode". If there is a feature in the app that requires a network connection, you will see this displayed in a prompt.

Why can I no longer access epocrates+ as an international user?

epocrates has discontinued offering our mobile app and the ability to purchase an epocrates+ subscription to non-U.S.-based customers. You will still be able to access free epocrates content and features through epocrates online (epocrates.com). We apologize for this inconvenience. Please contact our Support Team if you have any questions or concerns.

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