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Epocrates works with a wide-range of institutional clients from hospitals to universities; nursing schools to residency programs and more.

Epocrates online and mobile solutions are easy to access and provide valuable clinical content for all healthcare professionals & students including:

  • Premium drug reference
  • Complete disease and treatment guide
  • Built-in clinical tables and guidelines
  • Dosing and medical calculators
  • Access to your institution's formulary

To schedule an online demo or learn more about our group/institutional discounts, please call (866) 559-3053 or Request a quote from this page.


After utilizing these tools in every day practice, I would find it very difficult, if not impossible, to do what I do without Epocrates. This includes my office practice as well as my skilled nursing home and hospice practices. The formularies with tiers of meds and cost info really are also a great assistance! Coding for prior authorizations very helpful too!

Dr. Randall Halley

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