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Smartphones and Mobile Health Apps Regarded as Essential to Medical Practice

Mobile technology is now mainstream in healthcare. More than 80 percent of physicians are now using smartphones, and of those, almost 90 percent use them at least once daily for professional purposes, according to the recent study from Manhattan Research. But it's not just the smartphones themselves—it's what's on them. Physicians are frequently turning to drug and clinical reference apps on their mobile devices during patient consultations to access critical drug information, to ensure safer, more accurate patient care and to help identify more affordable prescription options. The study found Epocrates to be the most utilized mobile drug app—with more than 80 percent of physician smartphone owners using it an average of 12 times per week.

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Epocrates Tops Smartphone Medical Apps Lists

Healthcare professionals are rapidly adopting smartphones for both personal and professional use. The iPhone and Android smartphone devices have many free and paid applications available for download to support day-to-day activities. Epocrates consistently tops the list as the preferred medical reference for healthcare professionals with convenient access to drug information – dosing, interactions, health plan coverage and much more.

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Pharmaceutical Companies Embracing Digital Tools for More Effective Marketing to Physicians

The pharmaceutical industry has changed quite a bit since the 1990s – physicians are obtaining some of the information and services through new digital channels that previously only pharmaceutical sales representatives provided. However, pharmaceutical companies acknowledge the need to communicate with physicians in a meaningful way, and are leveraging digital tools and services, such as Epocrates. But when pharma marketers are considering the ever-increasing digital world of healthcare, they need to remember two key themes:

  • Effective marketing messages need to be targeted, personalized and delivered through more than one communications channel.
  • Pharmaceutical companies can better reach physicians by partnering with organizations with an established mobile presence and already reach providers through a reliable channel.

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